That’s the baseline principle that guides us in every decision that goes into making songs, from the first note to the last.

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About us

We are Julien Blumberg and Steven Meuleman, two young and highly motivated producers, musicians and technicians with years of experience in the music world.

After working together at Galaxy Studios for some years, we decided to take the plunge and set up our own music production business. That’s how White House Productions came about. Meanwhile, we have written and produced music for a variety of artists.

And our ambition goes even further.

Our goal is to produce music specifically tailored to your needs and liking, in any genre and for any medium.
Radio, Streaming, Television, Film, … you name it, we create it. Putting to use our expertise and above all our passion for music.

All about
the magic

We hope you feel as passionate about music as we do. When the right creative people get together, magic happens!

And that’s exactly what we’re after: MAGIC.

Whether it be in the process of writing, producing, recording or mixing; expert help from an experienced sound engineer – or team of sound engineers – can make a world of difference.

Get inspired

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and get inspired by some of our previous music arrangements.

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